Sunday, November 15, 2009

worn-out fall

ok....from far away my fall boxes look pretty good still.....

but from close-up.....uhoh.....

a little bit of rotteness is happening. and salvia is just hanging on, barely. i am mainly just using it for filler anyways. soon it will be time for new winter evergreen boxes and planters. already have the evergreen trees to pot up for the planters. just waiting for the day of thanks to come. looking forward to freshening up for the winter. unfortunately i don't have any pics of last years evergreen boxes...but i do have this one....

look at the size of those!

one pic from last year's winter decorating

the mantel has fresh greens and luminaries. look at that roaring fire.

i am really getting excited for decorating this season. i think i am gonna put the new blue spruce artificial tree together tomorrow. may not put lights on it yet, but at least it's a start for the season. i have a feeling more and more interior pics will be appearing....and that's a good thing for this time of the year.


  1. So glad you found me - and nice to meet another log home blogger! I love your fireplace! I too am getting excited to decorate for the holidays! A log home is just perfect for the winter / holiday season!

  2. Just like Shelley said, so glad you found me!
    It's getting close to the holiday season & I'll be pulling out the Christmas tree soon, too - I love this time of year!!!
    Thanks so much

  3. shelly and tricia thanks for being the first gals to post on my blog....i really appreciate it. this is a new thing for me and love hearing from you. i can't wait see some of the xmas decs that are posted. i really am looking forward to all the new ideas that are posted on my blogging friends sites. are right this is best kinda home to live in for the winter months and xmas. i love our fireplace too....the stones on it are from around the property...i love that!

    tricia....i cannot wait to get that tree up either. got an artificial blue spruce yesterday from craigslist, the lady i got it from was so sweet. i think the blue spruce will look good with blue tones in the stone on the fireplace.


  4. Greetings from Ontario. I am envious of your beautiful home and agree that it is perfect for holiday decorating.
    I'll want to see your place after it's all decked out.

  5. lavender....thank you for saying hello. i love your gardens and blog too. at our previous house i had so much lavender and boxwoods lining all of my walkways.....i really miss all that lavender. your gardens remind me of my last house and it's gardens. can you believe i don't have one lavender plant here at our new log home? i miss it.



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