Saturday, November 14, 2009

hardscape in the garden

well today was probably the last good day of weather for awhile. it has been really nice for the last week and tonight the rain is coming back. may rain for 3-4 days. spent the early evening hours in the garden, which is now at 4pm......just lovely....not.

since hubby, the human backhoe, has been working soooo diligently the last few days on getting the biggest chunk of our east side brick patio completed, i decided to take some pics of some of my favorite hardscape objects around the five acre woods property while he toiled away.

the first pic, above, is my all time favorite garden ornament. i got this back when i worked at my secret garden. a sweet little flower shop in columbia, mo. i believe it is still open to this day. loved that job. i have had this for at least 15 years.

i also took this pic of the new plaque i bought today at the goodwill.....thought was so quaint and true. not sure where i will permanently hang it, but just couldn't pass it up. here's what it reads, "a dedicated birdwatcher dwells within".......wonder if that is me or one of the kitties?

here's where i hung it for now....under one of our lanterns at the entrance to our garage.

the next pic shows a new little sitting spot that i worked on the other day. it was getting darker out by the time i took this one. this area overlooks a canadian goose nesting box out in the middle of the lake.

and here's our new patio as it is progressing from a few different perspectives. it is coming along very nicely. don't know how much more will get done this fall tho....winter is will be knocking soon.

if you look really closely in the last 2 pics above you can see the human backhoe in his orange shirt.

and now for a softscape pic........ it's little...... kittyrat ...... our outdoor kitty, who keeps watch over the new patio area.

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