Monday, November 16, 2009

The Unknown Postal Sorter

so today i was in the mood to decorate something. i was wanting to stay out of the human backhoe's way, a.k.a hubby, while he was putting the new kitchen sink and faucet in. did i mention we are in the midst of a house remodel? we are always reworking some part of the log home. we are trying to be true to the authenticity of the log home and our way of life. simple, beautiful and durable, with a hint of modern, are the keywords for all additions we will be making.

i didn't want to mess with getting the new artificial tree up without his help. even tho i really wanted to work on it, but i knew that keeping on one task was enough for today. you know how hubbies are, they aren't as good at multitasking as we women are. just kidding hubby...really you are the best at most things. i am blessed to have you.

instead i worked on decorating the postal sorter i bought this summer. i had all intentions of placing this in our great room, but just couldn't find the right spot for it. it ended up next to our bed in the master bedroom. the funny thing is the longer it has been there ........the more it grew on me in that location. good thing i like it there, as i don't think the human backhoe would like to move that again anytime soon. today i worked on finding baskets to put on the top shelf. found them.....check them out in the pic.

i wish i knew more about this sorter, i purchased it in bloomington, il. the sweet lady i purchased it from had no information about it, other than she had bought from her neighbor down the street. oh's a beautiful piece just the same.


  1. Thanks for the follow. You have a beautiful place, much larger than ours for sure, and definitely more land. I'll take some time to read through your posts now that I know about you. - Margy

  2. thanks margy,

    i love are very blessed to have a cabin there near the powell river. i have been to the area a couple times and enjoy reading about it thru your blog. i do hope to take hubby there someday.


  3. Hey DJ! Thanks for coming to my blog and doing the follow thingie. I don't do the following thing cause it just gets me all befuddled and I have this thing thinking it clogs up my computer works. But I will be visiting here, I love your blog and your home is beautiful. We put up my Mom-in-laws' tree Friday and I have been wanting to do ours. Hmmm, "central Illinois, by way of Missouri". You a Missouri gal?! Enjoy your Country Tuesday!

  4. The baskets look PERFECT up there - organization with a country feel and the piece is beautiful, I love dark wood furniture. It would be interesting to find out the history of the piece - how many families has it known? Where did it come from? Who made it? All those kinds of questions.

  5. hello rural.....thanks for stopping by. i enjoyed reading a lot of your blog yesterday...reminded me totally of home. ohhhh....good to know others are putting up the tree too a bit early. there is a little boy here locally who has cancer and he is not expected to make it til a lot of people are decorating just for him early...i would say that 25% of the homes around here are already in full xmas glory...people are really pulling together for him. the project is called "decorate for dax" is just for him to see before he passes. i need to post a website for more info on this. it is an amazing thing happening here in central il. and yes i am from central missouri, grew up in jeff city, graduated from mizzou. i read with interest about the hartsburg pumpking festival. been there many many times. many good friends there.

    tricia...i know i really wish i could get more info on this piece, but the lady i bought it from was clueless about the history of it. makes me a bit sad that i won't ever know more about it.

  6. Well dj you ARE a Missouri gal! And you grew up in our little bit of country. Nice to hear. And yes those were Hartsburg pumpkins grown only the way Hartsburg can grow them. The huge pumpkin pictures were from last fall. I will be checking out your link on Dax and saying a prayer for him.


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