Sunday, November 8, 2009

fall cleanup

well this weekend was fall cleanup for the front flower bed. it was also the day the farmer dude decided to chop his soybeans down, which delayed my being outside for about 2 hours while he did the dusty deed to the field in front of our little log cabin.

you can see why i couldn't stay out in this dusty cloud and work on my front garden. what a cloud of dust!

soon this.....

became this......

i then headed back outside to finish the flower bed. this bed is predominantly made up of black eyed susans that have reseeded and reseeded. i try to keep them under control by removing the seed heads and pulling up strays when necessary. there are plenty of other plants in this bed. i am just trying to keep ahead of the "susans" to help the other plants to not be choked out. all deadheading and cleanup went to the compost pile. added pine mulch from the all the pine tree needles lying around the property. this was a pretty hard task this day as the wind was really swirling. here's the cleaned up flower bed.

both farmer dude and i got our cleaning work done for the weekend. i am sure happy bout that......and i know the farmer dude is finally thrilled to get those soybeans out before xmas.

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