Monday, November 2, 2009

what kinda oak?

Today I discovered a 4-leaved seedling of an oak tree growing on a hillside near our house. What kind of oak tho? Having never really known the difference in oaks, I decided to do a bit of google-ing to just help me figure that out. After sifting through several pics of oaks, I think I have figured out which exact kind of oak it is.............drum roll's a white oak. White oaks are known to be the slowest growing oak, but they provide the most red tinged fall foliage of all the oaks.

I plan to get a pic of the lil' seedling in the next few days and compare it to this pic I found on the web. Just to see if my research proves me right or maybe wrong.

Today was the second mowing of the leaves. Went faster than the first time, last weekend, since there are now finally less leaves falling. In some areas of the yard I just put the mower on mulch and mulched those leaves into the grass. Should be good for the grass.

On a another note, Eric finally had piggies in a blanket for the first time tonight.....

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