Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I like Florida rodents better

We have a new neighbor in the hood. And this is just one of the trees our lovely busy-beaver-buddy-neighbor-dude has gnawed down around our property in the last few weeks.....

Beavers are located throughout most of the United States, except Florida and some southwestern desert areas............I knew there was a reason I like Florida.

Beavers are rodents, and they are the largest species of rodent found in North America. And the only rodent I really like is the one that goes by the name of M. Mouse.

Oh yes another interesting fact........If beavers are in your yard, river or pond, a plethora of other harmful animals will also be attracted to your property. Coyotes, bobcats, otters, mink, bears, mountain lions, wolves and wolverines all prey on beavers and will enter your yard and cause their own pest problems and dangers while in search of beavers. Great, really the only animal I want to attract is hubby....now he is gonna have competition.

Just what are we going to do about this beaver? He is out to destroy our beautiful trees.

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