Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Decorate for Dax


wanted to pass this link on .... a really sad story, that has produced such an uplifting feeling in central illinois. so many neighborhoods are coming together for this little boy. it has reminded of us all of the true spirit of christmas here. please add this child and family to your prayers.

also wanted to mention that it is a blessing to live in a school district that recognizes christmas and the true spirit of the season. the grade school kids are dressing up for dax tomorrow in christmas inspired attire. they are then gonna send their pics to dax, so he can see the kids all dressed in the spirit of xmas. thanks to metamore grade school for participating so kindly for dax.

now i really need to work on decorating for dax! bless you dax!


  1. Oh My Goodness, DJ.... I love love love your log cabin. I'm so jealous!!!!!! And to have those acres of land is awesome...

    That is so neat (Decorating for Dax)... Thanks so much for posting this one.

    Come back to my blog anytime. I'll return to yours.

  2. thanks betsy...i love your outlook on life...the other day i was at work and some coworkers were looking at your blog.....and they said to me
    "you are betsy's twin". i would say that they were right. keep that positive energy.......it does rub off.

  3. Hi DJ ~~ First let me say .... Welcome to Blog Land I see you're kinda new to posting. :-)Second one of my bbf's in high school was named DJ only he was a guy. lol
    I just love your cabin, & property, will come back soon and read all your previous post. I just wanted to stop by say Hello, and Thank you for visiting me.
    Have a Blessed Happy Thanksgiving.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  4. Hello Connie,

    Thanks for stopping by. I so love your blog. I am new to blogging, so there won't be much for you to catch up on, on this blog...

    .....the girl version...hehehe.


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