Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pottery barn teen finds for preteen.....

Updating our 10 year old son's bedroom. Cannot believe my baby, Eric, is really a preteen......

Here's a few fun additions that have met his approval....:)

A wall mural for my future Mizzou football lineman.....well Florida Gator would work too (for me....hehe).

A cool United States chalkboard wall light map......

Picture frames shaped like old Polaroid pictures to use in a unique way.....

Aren't these sweet?

Waiting on these to arrive, then will post pics of his new tween boy's room.

Oh and love this bed on caster wheels. I have a feeling hubs will be making one of these someday.....:)


  1. They grow up so fast...cant wait to see his finished room!

  2. Enjoy the time you have with him now, for soon he will be grown! I love that "map" blackboard! That is one kool piece! Be sure and show us his finished room whe you get through!


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