Friday, November 20, 2009

For katie's mom

This morning I dropped by my coworker, Katie's new house. It is still being completed, but she is moving in very soon. Katie was at work, but her mom was there working on few little projects for Katie. Her mom gave me a tour of the house and yard as it is now. Wish I would have had my camera with me, but oh well, next time.

Katie's mom and I were working on an unsolicited landscaping plan in our heads as we stood out front of the house admiring her new mud yard. The grass seed is to be planted next spring as it is a bit late in the year to plant it now.

We agreed that annabelle hydrangeas would look nice against the pale green color of the house. And a clump birch was something that would fit nicely too. As we continued to talk, i suggested some dogwood bushes. She was unaware of what these were. soooooo.....

I am posting them here for her to see what they look like around my yard. Red twig is pictured above and a yellow twig dogwood is below.

Here's a pic of red twig dogwood, hydrangeas, and a clump river birch that i have planted together on the left side of my house. Kinda gives you a bit of an idea what this would look like at katie's new house.

Thanks Katie for letting your Mom and I dream up your new landscape...:) It was fun.

We look forward to having you all over sometime.......including Mom.

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  1. I have something for you over at my place, come take a look see!


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