Friday, November 6, 2009

east side project

oh what a difference a few months make. this is our hillside that we are slowly reconfiguring, looking down from the eastside of the house, before we started. my garden shed is in the background. so cute.

first we worked on the top portion of the retaining wall. this took most of the summer, with hubby doing this all with a shovel and his back. i purchased and transplanted lots of plants. hubby, he purchased and transplanted lots of retaining wall blocks.

this shows part of the patio area that hubby is currently completing. we will probably have most of this completed before it freezes again......least i hope so.

this next pic shows the area further down the hill, that hubby will finish next spring or summer. depending on the doubt.

we still have stairs to finish and a dock and bridge to put in still ......some day. and even a little fishing shack ..........some day ......some day. here's a flooded lake view that the fishing shack will have .........some day.

lots of work to do outside ......maybe we need a backhoe?...oh nevermind ......hubby is my backhoe.

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