Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sweet halloween

Hope halloween brought many sweets.

I really like the colors of the old postcards. So unique.

Was a beautiful evening here. Gorgeous moon....perfect for tricks and treats. Nothing like having a yummy steak dinner with the family after trick or treating. Chilly night for grilling, but it well worth it. Thank goodness for hubby and his total warm-bloodedness. What a nice halloween for us all.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall super foliage shrubs

oakleaf hydrangea



These are the Halloween shrub award winners, at least from my gardens............oakleaf hydrangea, viburnum, and summersweet. Each has impressive foliage still. Most plants outside are now brown, but these guys are still kicking it. It really is the last hurrah here and I am happy to see them.


Halloween blooms

The star of my Halloween garden is...... Oceana salvia. It is persisting despite the rain, cold and wind. This salvia is stunning now against the brown leaf piles on the ground. It really looks better now than it has all season. It is truly glowing out there in the back garden. Thankfully I can see it out the back door too. I am going to try a winter protection of heavy straw mulching to see if it will survive the winter. Never have grown this we'll see what next year in the garden brings. Definitely recommended for late season color, as just bout everything else is close to dead.

I already miss this......

I am already missing this..... took this of the beautiful sugar maple outside our back deck last weekend. It was a rare morning with sunshine, highlighting the tree. What a difference a week of wind and rain make. Hubby and I transplated three 2 foot seedlings growing under this tree last week. I really want this look in my front yard, to highlight our lil log cabin in the fall.
The lake is tremedously up this morning, over the top of the little dock across the lake from us. I don't think it has been this high, since we moved here last year. When it stops raining I will wander out and take some shots of it.
living the log home life...........
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