Saturday, February 6, 2010

paper mache bunnies

Many have contacted me to explain the process of making these. The blog I originally linked to is no longer up and running. So to better see how these are made please refer to this post on the crafty sisters blog. It should give you the fundamentals of the process.

     The bunnies just out of candy molds. Still to be trimmed and sanded down on their edges. 

i found these pastel chalks to highlight a few areas on the bunny with some spring colors. they are a beautiful pearlescent. i wanted a very fine white glitter to apply to the bunnies.....what i found was tulip fabric glitter...very fine. i just used regular elmer's glue spread thinly with my finger to adhere the glitter.

Polka dot pastel bow added. 


  1. Darling, I sure love the way yours turned out. You did a great job. Had fun visiting tonight. No I am off to snoop through more of your Blog. Hugs, Diane

  2. Too cute, Martha number two!! Are ya gonna put one on Doc's desk with some Easter chocolate eggs?? You know he'd love it!!! Brenda

  3. So cute!! I saw something like this at Tuesday Morning the other day. Adorable!

  4. Thanks so much for this post - bummer that Anne's link is broken I'm going to try to guess from yours how to do it!


  5. Hi, can you explain in detail the steps?? The link is broken and I'd like to make these for my daughter's bday!

    1. This is a link to the site that I found that describes the process.


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