Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oh yes we are........again.

In the small town that we live in high school football is a BIG thing. This is the third year in a row we have went to the Illinois state championship. Won one, lost one. Time to break that tie....with another state championship boys!

It is time to see if dreams of these little boys
will be fulfilled by these big boys dreams and determination Friday 7 pm in Champaign.

*have i told you how much i love and appreciate our schools..the community and parental support here is so is a great place to raise our children...including this one little bubba.....

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  1. Go Redbirds! I am thinking they WILL do it!!!

    You know DJ it really is a blessing to love the place you live. Don't know about you but it hasn't always been the case for us. Life is just really good when you are happy where you make your home.

  2. They WILL do it! thanks rural.

    we are blessed....thanks for putting it so sweetly. We have been in less than optimal school districts....ummm in we are where we belong for now.....but missouri is also in our hearts.


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