Wednesday, February 3, 2010

would you travel 102 miles just for this?.... an amish scrapbooking chest

found this piece online at an antiques barn that is just that far away from sweetwater bend. it is described as an amish scrapbooking chest. seems like it would be a great piece for cheap and unique storage.

i am not a scrapbooking kinda gal....i am not a scrapbooking kinda gal....oh but how i love this piece. i can only imagine what i could store in it. and how sweet it would look with typewriter-style lettered labels or little chalkboard paint labels.

i have an itching for a road trip tomorrow...yikes!!!!

2/4...edited to add.......i took the roadtrip!!!! and it was so worth it...maybe not as big a bargain when factoring gas....hehehe. i cannot wait to add this piece to our hobby room.

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  1. DJ Sweetie....
    Oh did you say "ROAD TRIP?" Oh my gosh, I wish I live close, I would be standing at the street waiting for you to swing by. We would be there when the doors opened, and sweetie, may the fastest girl win.

    I love this chest. It is just beautiful and yes you do so many things with it. What a beautiful piece. If you go and pick it up, I will be watching for a post. Darn it anyway!!

    Thanks for sharing with me tonight. I so love visiting with you. You are truly a treasure for me. Have fun tomorrow. I am back to work, but I am off Friday so I get a little repreve.

    Country hugs and so much love sweetie...Sherry

  2. Yes...I believe I would. It looks awesome! Wish I could be your passenger.

  3. I would drive that far for it!! I'm glad to see you did! Just cause it's for scrapbooking doesn't mean that's what you have to use it for =] Congrats on your new buy! Enjoy it!

  4. Oh the storage possibilities of this piece...I love it! And I like you, would travel that far too for a frugalicious Find! Thanks for sharing and linkin' up to FF!


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