Tuesday, February 23, 2010

simple loves and jergens

we have a simple master bath and i have a few new and old loves in it.

when we looked at this log cabin i fell in love with the many special touches that dwelled within it. this faucet in our master bath, to me, was one of the most special touches. i love how the handles look like old pump handles, but are in a modern pewter finish. i have never seen a faucet like this. it reminds me of simpler times.

and these simple textiles i found, by accident at walmart last week. don't you love going to walmart and coming out with something totally unplanned? i decided when i saw these that our masterbath needed a little update for spring. of course, that thought hadn't entered my mind before going into the store. ahhhh well.....i love how the two different textures of the shower curtain and the nubby rag rug play off each other. they are simply cotton. simple..... i love that for spring.

here they are in place........again.....simple...love the look.

and finally....i absolutely love the smell of jergens lotion.....too simple, right? my grandmother always had this in the bedroom i slept in at her home. there was a glass bottle of it in the top drawer of the 1930's waterfall dresser that was next to the old iron bed that i slept on. i wonder if grandma really even used it, as it was in an out of the way room in her house. and i think that same bottle was there for years in that one little drawer. i loved opening that drawer and smelling the lotion in it with each visit. the smell of it reminds me of her home, not so much her, herself. i don't actually remember her smelling of it, but i remember the smell of that room and that drawer...... i love simple jergen's lotion.

do ya all have a certain smell that reminds you of somewhere special?


  1. Sometimes the simple things are the sweetest. Come on Spring!

    Vanilla. Almost every time I smell vanilla I think of Florida. When the kids were little we went on vacation there with my in-laws. It was so darned hot I thought I'd die! No matter how much deodorant I wore it didn't seem like enough so I wore plenty of Vanilla perfume to make sure I smelled pretty. The scent is en-grained in my brain!

  2. It was great that your grandmother thought of her guest that would sleep in that room and provide the lotion for their use. Every now and again when I catch a whiff of a smell, it will remind me of times gone by. It's wonderful that you have the Jergen's Lotion to remind you of good times in the past. By the way, I love the picture you have posted at the top of your blog. It is so peaceful looking!

  3. DJ simple is always better, in my book anyhoo. I have been doing simple now since '05 and I am simply happier :) I love my Jergens lotion, Ultra Healing for me. The smell of suntan lotion always reminds me of Florida trips in the summer to see my Godfather and his wife. I loved that man! Sea&Ski and Coppertone. Also the smell of charcoal for the grill makes me all happy inside and brings back summer memories when I was little. Oh and I love the look too DJ!

  4. I'm loving your "simple" bathroom. I think tulips are so beautifully simple too. They are one of my favorites. I like Jergens lotion but haven't smelled the original scent for a long time. My great grandmother always wore White Shoulders perfume and I can still smell that and even have some of her old stationery that smells like her. Scents are powerful for memories aren't they? Have a great day. OH, and I love photo on your blog header too.


  5. Love your bathroom fixtures. We'll be giving our bath a little facelift hopefully soon and I'll have to keep my eyes open for that type of faucet.

    Walmart can surprise sometimes, right? And that Jergens is my fave! I have bottles of it everywhere - bathroom, nightstand, right here by my computer, in my car. The scent does bring back memories.


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