Friday, February 26, 2010

world's most beautiful drive

...peoria illinois' grandview drive.

if you get a chance to come to peoria, illinois you must visit this bluff drive that overlooks the illinois river. but if you can't get here anytime soon....let me give you a tour of the this grand drive. come on let's go......

here we climb the hairpin-turns hill leading up to the top of grandview drive.

when we see this sign we know we have arrived.

...when Theodore Roosevelt visited peoria, illinois on october 10, 1910, he called grandview drive the "World's Most Beautiful Drive." grandview is revered as one of the most beautiful drives in peoria because of its breathtaking views of the illinois river and the many historic and remarkable homes lining it.

grandview drive is a two and a half mile scenic road and the whole drive is part of the peoria park district. the east side of the drive is mainly park distric land with picnic areas and benches. the residential area on the west of grandview drive, opposite the river, was added to the National Register of Historic Places as an historic district in 1996.

there are few different styles of homes up here on the drive. i seem to be drawn to the stone cottage and castle-type homes.

this home was just finished over the is the newest home on the drive. notice no landscaping......yet.

there are many styles of homes.

but my favorite home on the drive is the one around this corner........

here it is close up....

in the summer the owner plants gorgeous planters of flowers on that triple balcony and they trail down the front of the home.....i think the white of the home just makes those planters pop. the home is quite different than the stone and brick homes that line the road.

most of the residents along the drive have this type of "grand view" from their front yards.

there is even a dvd available from the website about the drive.

roosevelt was quoted as saying, "I have traveled all over the world, and this is the world’s most beautiful drive." teddy you were right. we are blessed that we live so close to such a wonderful place and enjoy our walks up and down the drive. such a grand view!


  1. Wow! This really is a beautiful drive. I need to start searching the real estate listings in Peoria! I had no idea there were so many amazing houses there. I really enjoyed learning about the history behind the drive, too. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Very nice DJ. I love stone homes. Gotta say though I'm glad I don't have to pay their electric bills this winter! I love the white house too. It would be cool if you could take these pictures in the summer and share them with us.

  3. Wow. That is a beautiful drive for sure. The variety of architecture on all those "grand" homes is amazing. Thanks for sharing. But, DJ, you really have to share some summer pics of the drive as well! I really want to see the planters and flowers at that one home you described. It sounds lovely.

  4. What a beautiful drive. You are very fortunate to be so close!

  5. That is a beautiful drive! I like every house that you showed!

  6. thank you for taking us with you!!! those homes and that view --- simply amazing.

  7. What a lovely street to be called home. That view is spectacular. Thanks for the tour.


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