Thursday, February 18, 2010

unexpected history finds

a few weeks ago i blogged about my want for an amish scrapbooking chest and how i had to hit the road to go get it. 102 miles of road, i believe it was. the amish chest was at this little country place.... becky's barn near auburn, illinois. i followed the sign, really i did. took this pic as i was leaving...

find #1-what was interesting about this little area of illinois is that becky's barn is located on the last brick alignment of historic route 66 in illinois. the section of the road is listed on the national register of historic places. the brick portion of the road is about 1 1/4 miles long and so smooth to drive on...... for a brick road.

i drove the whole brick pavement just for fun....even tho it wasn't getting me home any sooner because it went west when i needed to go east.

...another good thing about the drive was that i found this along the way....

find #2-a restored covered bridge just south of springfield, illinois on the drive back home....another 102 fun! it was the site of the first settler's of sagamon county. the year 1817.
sagamon county is where the capital of illinois is located, springfield. it is where abraham lincoln lived and practiced law way before he was president. it is where barack obama announced his run for president. lot's of history around this area of illinois.

it was fun finding these other little history treasures while driving to get that amish scrapbooking chest. i made a total day of it, i believe.


  1. The covered red bridge is awesome dj!

  2. Sounds like the drive was as much fun as the chest. I love just wandering around seeing what there is to see.

  3. We love wandering down backroads and finding wonderful old historical sites! These are great! Thanks for sharing...and for your visit!

  4. Oh what fun it sounds like you had getting that chest. Post a picture of the chest so we can see it too. Wandering the backroads leads to many finds! Glad you had a good trip.

  5. I should have read on down and I would have seen your chest! Great find!


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