Sunday, February 7, 2010

amish chest for organizing

amish chest made it 102 miles and up a couple flights of stairs to the craft to start filling it with the looks of this pic i need to learn to sew.

on another note,
apparently my blog is having some issues......still working on the problem....apparently some are getting through to the blog without problems and others are getting thrown to other sites. if anyone has any ideas to help, i am open to them....


  1. Well, I'm here today! LOL But it still says "transferring data from" no matter how long I stay.
    LOVE the chest!!! It's gorgeous!
    I hope the blog issue gets resolved soon. Wouldn't want to miss you.

  2. I managed to make it here! We'll see if it lets me on a second or third time, though!

  3. thanks girls for the comments...i am thinking of taking all widgets off and going from there....ugh. sounds like the widgets are the prob.


  4. Oh goodie, goodie you got the chest! I am so excited for you! I adore it!


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