Sunday, February 14, 2010

igloo for sale.....great for the do-it-yourselfer

partially complete igloo for sale...hehehe. my middle son, cole, started working on his new home this igloo...:). it has a waterview, as it was built on the lake. i wonder if he will get it completed before the winter thaw? there a winter thaw?

this is a pic of the builder of the igloo with his girlfriend of almost 11 months. they are both juniors in high school. are they not the cutest couple? happy valentine's day sweeties!!!!

what i love about his mom.

1. you are growing into a wonderful young man. i have one more year with you at home and it is a year that i will cherish.

2. i love that you take time with your little brother to play with him in the way 9 year old brother's appreciate, but can still hang with your older brother too.

3. i love how you are so responsible, but still have a playful heart.

4. i love how you are shy, but still are not afraid to stick up for what you believe, in a crowd.

5. i love how you hold the doors open for people when we go somewhere together.

6. i love that you would give your last dollar to help someone who needs it.

7. i love that you have so much compassion and empathy for those less fortunate.

8. i love how you decided to go out for cross country team as a junior to help yourself stay in shape, even tho you have never been a big runner.

9. i love that you have such an appreciation for music, way beyond what i could have ever given to you.

10. i love how you are not afraid or intimidated to dance in public....hehehe.

....and i really appreciate how you have made being your mother so easy....i love you and am so blessed that God picked you to be my son.


  1. dj, sorry but not interested in the igloo for sale even with a lake view. I am ready to head back to Siesta Key TODAY! I am interested in your list about what you love about your son Cole. Very sweet, sometimes funny, makes me a little teary. And yes, you are so right, they are a cute couple :)

  2. You can keep the igloo! We have been enjoying nearly 50 degree weather here. I'm staying!! LOL
    What a cute couple and such sweet mommy words :)
    Cole is Kenzie's age! :)

  3. What beautiful words for Cole...that is so special!

  4. Oh what fun, to make an igloo! And what wonderful words for your son!


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