Sunday, December 20, 2009

white stuff......ain't it pretty

yeah!!!! we finally got a bit of snow. not a lot, but enough for a white christmas that's for sure.

let's start from the front porch and head around the house.

around to the side yard.

think we should head down to the lake?

ahhhhhh.....beautiful. i could stay here all day if it wasn't so dang cold.....

let's head back up to the cabin......

looks like human backhoe is feeding the birds with a little bit of help.

think he is a bit warm-blooded?

come inside and i'll share a few xmas goodies....

merry CHRISTmas from sweetwater bend........


  1. Hope your snow lasts until Christmas day. Even though we had lots, the grass is starting to peek through in a few places.
    Merry Christmas

  2. dj I think I finally have the link to you working right! It looks beautiful there at Sweetwater Bend for Christmas. A Merry Christmas to you and yours from CH and me! Take care and drive safe.

  3. Shorts and a tshirt? I'd say he's definitely a little warm blooded!

    You have such a talent at making things look pretty DJ! I'm assuming you have more snow than that by now.

    Btw, my husband did like the topiary when it was done. Hopefully I'll remember to make another one next year!



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