Sunday, December 13, 2009

i am not a knick knacky person.....

....really i am not. but i wanted to post a few knick knacky christmas collections that i have. plus a few miscellaneous pics that i couldn't really categorize.

first of all and most on our mantle in our great room.

i am not a collector of willow tree, but i picked up this nativity scene from craigslist this past july. i bought it from a family that was really hurting from being laid off and this is one of the things they sold to help make ends meet. i often think of that family and pray for them. from july on this was displayed in various areas of our log home. i never did pack it away after i bought it.

btw......i have seen so many of these nativity scenes on everyone's blogs this year. i wonder how many of us have this particular willow tree?

i have also received a few willow tree figures, usually for my bday from friends and family.

here is the small collection that i have. i am amazed the poinsettia cuttings are still holding up in water after 10 days of being massecred.

there are two more small collections that i have related to christmas. really i don't like to be knick knacky......:)

here is the human backhoe's xmas tree....ummmmm, that is in the guest bathroom....hehehe. it is a collection of hallmark's pickup trucks over the last fifteen years. someday, i hope to have a red and white 1960 ford f100. someday......

the other collection i have is of log home style disney ornaments. yes, we are a disney family. we proudly call disneyworld our second home. and no i don't fill my home with any other paraphanalia related to mickey....remember i am not a knick knacky person. but, ask me any question related to disney and the town of orlando...and i am your answer girl.

oh yeah, on the last two trees did you notice the barbwire garland? actually it's a plastic representation of it that i bought on clearance after halloween.

a collection of my cranberry orange jam i canned earlier in november....

next is a couple pics from our kitchen. first is our candle chandelier that is over our kitchen island. simply wrapped with red berry garland.

then, a few pieces of mikasa ultra dressed up for the holidays.

finally, a bathroom pic again....hehehe. soap and lotion from the guest bathroom.

thanks for reading.....i have so enjoyed looking at everyone's blogs to see how you decorate........


  1. Loved your trees and nativity scene! That cranberry jam sounds wonderful! I made blackberry and strawberry jam and I may make some more.

  2. Everything is so pretty! I think of a knick knacky person as someone who collects a bunch of crap and none of it matches, plus it's scattered everywhere. Your things are more tasteful 'collections'.

    My poinsettia cuttings lasted a long time too. I finally threw them away yesterday even though they still looked pretty good.


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