Monday, December 7, 2009

our missouri christmas farmhouse

christmas eve 2000..........

in our 1895 victorian farmhouse back in central missouri. miss the house so much. we thought we would never move from there, but look at us now. we have now been in central illinois for 4 years as of today's date. and yes we love our log home and the community we have chosen to live in, but.......

we just loved the old house that we renovated from the tip of the chimney to the stone foundation hubby dug out by hand and rebuilt. i think every inch of every room had our touch put on it, including each inch of every ceiling, wood floor, and plaster wall. literally our blood, sweat and tears went into the house. but life presented new opportunites for our family and we trekked eastward into illinois.

i can truly say that we left the home with a bit of our heart and souls still in it. we know that we preserved a historic home and count our many blessings we were able to do it.


  1. Oh My Goodness, DJ.... Leaving that gorgeous home must have been the hardest thing you all ever had to do. I know you miss it--even though a log home is pretty darn nice also. Hope the move to Illinois was worth it...

    The decorations on the old home are fabulous.

  2. That is one beautiful very much loved home that you invested with deep emotion s (and probably a lot of money , knowing how renos can be the "money pit" !!)
    You have such satisfaction in knowing that this home was truly loved and appreciated.
    We moved constantly (military family) but finally settled and our home has been loved up a lot as well .. but we are staying put finally : )
    Beautiful decorations , what a pretty picture to remember this home by !
    Joy : )

  3. We are currently working on a 'fix er up er' Buil around 1900. Lots of work, lots of drafts and lots of dust!

  4. Although I love log homes (I'd better, right?), I grew up in a huge Victorian house and that's where my real heart is too.

  5. Some homes just stay in your heart forever. Very pretty home DJ and the holiday light display is a festive treat!

  6. What a beautiful old Victorian house you owned.
    I can only imagine the work that went into making it a home...
    I'm sure the memories of times shared living there with your family, will be forever in your heart.
    The log house is something I've always dreamed to own one day. I wouldn't even mind an old log house, with drafty windows, and higgeldy piggeldy wooden floors.
    You are extremely fortunate to have lived in both these stunning homes, I'm sure that is something you already know.
    I will be back to visit your fabulous blog, and thank you for visiting my place !

  7. A beautiful log home, both inside and out.

    Your last homelooks really something too decorated and lighted for Christmas. Really love the log one though. So different to anything here.


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