Sunday, December 6, 2009

paint by numbers

did ya all do this as a child? i used to spend hours on the weekends with my grandma working on these. she would take me town to pick one out, although if i remember right, there were usually two to a box. we would work on it together when i would visit. it was always fun going to town with grandma. town was a town of maybe 500....but they had a five and dime and a western auto. we then would go for a dish of ice cream at the drugstore before heading back to the country. simple memories.

i actually have a few of my paint by number creations still, two of which are hanging in the log home.

i picked this paint by numbers image today...because it reminds me of our sweetwater bend log home. i love the color combo of blues and oranges for some reason. here's another pic of the blue spruce and log home....there's that color combo....

i actually, more importantly, posted this paint by number image of a snowy country place......because......because....................

we are supposed to receive a pretty big dose of snow over the next few days!!!!! oh yes!!!!!


  1. I love paint by numbers! How fun that you still have them. Perfect for a log home! I'm jealous of your blue spruce tree! I made my hubby promise me we'll plant some next spring. We are headed to the cabin this weekend and I'll be able to finish decorating. There's a few inches of snow up there so I'm looking forward to it!!

  2. shelley i am a bit worried as time goes by that this tree was planted too close to the house by the former owners. not knowing exactly which variety it is......i wonder what it's ultimate growth will be. maybe 10 yrs now it will have to be cut down.

    i can't wait to see your decs and you must enjoy the beauty of the snow.

    our big snow that was predicted for the next few days...may turn into a dud of just rain....keeping my fingers crossed for snow tho.

  3. No way that's a paint by numbers! What a cool winter scene!!!


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