Thursday, December 3, 2009

poinsettia topiaries and luminaries

i think i mentioned earlier, that today was a free day?...hehehe. i had a ton of fun working on the christmas spirit in our log home today. you will note in my pics that i am not particularly fond of red in our home, mainly because i think white and gold show off the wood in our home much more. also because the the tones in the stone used in our home has a gray/blue tint and i really feel like red kinda clashes with those tones.

i spent most of the day working on topiaries and luminaries. you can see in my previous post the inspiration for my poinsettia topiaries. it is a pic from better homes and gardens december issue.

i started with these lovelies that i hated the idea of tearing apart....but it had to be done to accomplish what i was wanting. i just hated saying goodbye to those gold wrappers...not.

this was a good stopping point for the next pic. wouldn't want to subject you all to a pic of the poinsettia massecre that had occurred a few minutes prior...:).

i had removed all but the 3 main stalks. then wrapped the stalks in simple twine.

i like how the stalks now look like a tree some degree.

then i added some moss that i scrounged around in the woods for on my recent trip back home to missouri.

and here are the completed topiaries, which are much more rustic than the bhg one.....but that happens when you live in a log home.

first a shot with the lights off.....

then with the lights on......tadah!!!!........big difference...:).

then i went around the log home placing cut poinsettias everywhere. here is one.......

then if you look closely in the reflection on the refidgerator you can see more poinseeeez in the kitchen window.

you also get to see some of the luminaries i placed around the log home in that pic. love the star impressions on the ceiling.

one last pic of luminaries and last pic of the day.

gotta love simple rustic decorating.......

tomorrow.....finish my cinnamon gingerbread men for the tree...another free day....woohoo...but the human backhoe will be home to help, he just doesn't know that.....yet.


  1. Great job! Love em! I know what you mean though about not wanting to tear the Poinsettia apart. As I sit here there's a red one right in front of me and the thought of ripping it apart limb to limb breaks my heart.

    My husband who initially thought it was a cool idea has since changed his mind. However, I haven't. Maybe I'll even make it tomorrow since I'll be home all day.

    Your tree and decorations are beautiful DJ! Mine aren't even close to being done. You should consider joining this party to show off some of your pretty creations:

    Not sure if I'll participate or not. I haven't even started my decorations!!

    One final note on your gingerbread ornaments. You just reminded me of something I had long forgotten. Years ago I made the same ornaments but for some reason they kept disappearing off the tree. We finally realized the dog was eating them! LOL! And the popcorn! That Dalmatian would eat anything.

  2. Gorgeous decorations... PERFECT for a log home. I love the whitish poinsettias... Beautiful! And the luminaries add SO much...

    Great job.

  3. Everything looks so gorgeous in your home! Love what you did w/ the poinsettias! The trees all look so pretty too! I hope to finish decorating our log home next weekend. We weren't able to make it up there this weekend - boo hoo! :(

  4. Hi DJ! We rambled to Springfield for a couple of days so I'm just getting caught up on blogs. First of all, your home looks beautiful. I love the luminaries, Christmas inspired lighting makes me feel all cozy. Always brings back wonderful Christmas memories :) The poinsettia topiaries are very cool. I am checking out your recipe for the Eggnog Truffles, they look scrumptious! AND Congratulations to the Redbirds on their State Championship, I knew they would do it! Hope your Thanksgiving over the river and through the woods was a good time!

  5. SHARON.....i hear you on the gingerbread ornaments....we have two dogs...and each one has had his turn eating a few i had already

    ....i am checking your blog daily to see if you make the topiary. i was really surprised by how many flowers i could just sit around my house after the massecre. maybe that is some consolation for you and hubby.

    i will check out that blog party too, not sure how it works, but i will see about it. thanks for the heads up on it.

    BETSY.....thanks for your kind comments....i was really looking for an even whiter poinsettia, but only had a short amt of time to peruse the local garden shops that carry the flowers. it is dangerous stepping into those shops this time of yr. money tends to slip out of my pocket in those places. yikes!

    SHELLEY.... i hope you get up there this w/e. cant wait to see some pics...... u have one of the only blogs i know about that is so similar to mine...i cant wait to see what you do with your lovely place. i wonder if you have snow there yet?

    HI YA RURAL......i am telling ya that recipe turned out soooo good for those truffles.....just u might consider 'em.
    my sis lives in rogersville, just outside of springfield.


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