Friday, December 11, 2009

norwegian inspired guest room

hmmmmm.........i think i mentioned a few posts back how much i don't really like red for christmas in our log home. i do, however, have a norwegian-blooded husband. so i have decorated the guest bedroom in scandinavian inspired red and white in honor of his familial homeland. this color combination is inspired by the red color of berries which show up brilliantly against the snowy white landscape. our youngest daughter and her family will stay in this room when they visit next week. that would include our first granddaughter, courtney......:).

a little bedside table vignette for the red and white room.

the guest room tree.

felt stockings hanging above the bed.

close up of embroidered pillow.

and who cannot pass up these bob's sweet stripes.....a favorite in our home. hope they last until our guests arrive.

in norway, the nisse, the benevolent farm spirit(somewhat similar to our santa clause), is given a bowl of porridge, not milk and cookies, at christmas time to thank him for his protection during the past year and to ensure it's continuation in the year to come.

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  1. I think the red looks delightful against the wood and white walls. I would imagine your daughters family felt right at home in a room so pretty!


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