Thursday, January 14, 2010

repurposed sofa table

we have wanted a buffet for our great room dining area since we moved into our sweetwater bend log home a little over a year ago. i had looked (shopped) and looked(shopped)for one. there were 3 criteria the buffet had to meet:

1)that it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg.
2)it had to fit into a pretty narrow space, so no more than 18 inches in depth.
3)it had to have excellent potential for refinishing. i didn't want to have to repair a drawer that didn't work right, etc.

after having not being able to find something just right, i decided to go up in our attic to see if i could find anything that could work. i had forgotten we had this extra sofa table stored up there. i had the human backhoe help me get it down. i then placed it with an old plate rack i had up in the attic also. of course, i had forgotten about this piece too. this is what they looked like before refinishing and decorating. never mind the dust.

after all the priming and painting and new drawer pulls, hb and i brought them up from the basement and placed them on what has been a bare wall since we moved in. i then did a quick deca-ma-tate to it....secret code word for our house....:) note that the plate rack is hung directly on the sofa table. i didn't want it raised up higher on the wall.

a small collection of glass hearts used to deca-ma-tate honor a valentine's day coming up.

i love, love, love this knitted scarf used as a runner on the table.....really warms it up for winter.

and here are the cute little toile bunny hang'em ups purchased a few weeks ago hanging beside the plate rack.

and another apothcary jar found at goodwill recently filled with candy hearts....i love that the two candy hearts that can be read the best in jar when taking the pic said "i want you" and "i'm in love". hey h.b.....did you see that?

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  1. Hey! My comment disappeared! Well lets try that again ....

    You are so darned clever DJ! I just love it all! Wish I thought of things like that but I don't have any extra furniture lying around so that could be part of the problem.

    The runner is perfect. I like the whole black and white theme with just a touch of color thrown in. Bravo!

  2. I absolutely love it...just hanging out in the attic uh? Wish I had an attic filled with treasures like that. The plate rack looks like it totally belongs. It's great!

    And I love the jar filled with hearts too...I am going to the Goodwill tomorrow...I hope I find one!

    By the way...I am following your blog too...maybe some of my peeps will stop by to visit you soon!

    Stay Cozy,

  3. Hey DJ can I come and do a little shopping in your attic? I am needing a couple of things! The sofa table was meant to go there and your "R" at the top of the rack looks great. Very nice :)

  4. It looks so great after it's been styled. The white plates are what really make it for me. They *pop* against the black rack and the logs. Very nice job!

  5. LOVE the repurposed sofa table! Great pairing of those two items.

  6. I can't believe that all that time, and it was right in your own attic!!!! It looks awesome! It makes me wonder what other treasures you have hidden up there!
    I LOVE all the white plates too, so much better then lots of busy colors or patterns!

  7. It love the texture that the runner adds to it!

  8. It looks fabulous. They were made for one another. Wishing my attic was full of treasures now. Instead it's full of dust and wasps.

  9. What a great makeover! It turned out beautiful. I love the table runner, it adds so much texture! Nice work. Lisa

  10. Very nice! Isn't it great to be able to repurpose something you already own? :o)


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