Monday, January 4, 2010

january decor in the log home

happy clean january decorating....

above is a collection of goodies mainly rounded up at the local goodwill's and salvation army. we are fortunate that we have 4 of these within about 20 mins. of our house. i think there hasn't been a week within in the last few months that i haven't rounded on them. anyone else as fortunate to have this same situation? i think i am a bit addicted to them........least it's a cheap addiction. don't be nodding your head dear hubby......i can see you....:)

a love collecting R's...i love how they look in general.....if i find a unique one...i usual have to have it..uhhhh.. it's a good thing my last name starts with a R then, huh? this one painted on glass i found at hobby lobby. i need to do this myself! may have to put this on my list.

a few other things i am loving this jan. are these little finds found at "the lobby"......again there are 3 h.l's within 30 mins of sweetwater bend. we live in a dangerous area.....monetarily......:)

this is my total find!!!!!!! this apothecary jar for twenty dollars at hobby lobby on major clearance. it was 80% off. cannot wait to fill it with goodies thru the year. any ideas for the month of january? the boys would like candy changed out monthly......hmmmmm.....a good candy for january? any ideas? i really need to think on this.......maybe just leftover xmas's just kidding boys.....really i am.

finally these cute little bunny hang 'em ups....don't know where they are going yet.......another clearance find at h.l.

aren't they sweet?


  1. Love all your bargain finds !
    My daughter finds more treasures at the local Goodwill store for pennies on the dollar. I've been collecting silver serving pieces this past year, I have a wonderful collection for little of nothing.
    Your displays are so pretty.

  2. i saw "sweetwater" in someone's side bar and just had to come visit! my post today has white tulips and i posted a few days ago about january cleaning. oh my goodness! we're soul sisters! *wink*

  3. We have the same "R" on glass!! How cool is that?
    THREE HL's? Oy! I've only been to one once! LOVED it! It's very good for my budget that there isn't one with in 45 minutes drive from my house. LOL

  4. Wow you hit the jackpot with 80% off that glass jar! Good for you!

    We don't have any HL's near us but I sure do hear about them on other womens blogs a lot. There's one Goodwill nearby but it's a crappy one. I only go there to drop stuff off, that's it.

    Goodness knows I need to do something to decorate my livingroom! It looks awful after taking all the holiday decor down. Makes me wonder what I had in it before.

  5. I love the apothecary glass jar :) Good thing you aren't close to me, you'd be missing it. Does it have a tint of green? If so it would be so good in my kitchen or livingroom. As you know we have that huge HL in Jeff and Goodwill down the road from there. I have never visited the Goodwill but I think I'll give it a try! I hate to be so undecorator-like but I would probably throw wine corks in that beautiful jar. I know, I know. Shudder.

  6. I LOVE shopping the thrift stores. You found some real treasures. I secretly envy anyone who lives in a log home. It's a dream of mine but hubby thinks they're high maintainence. So I'll have to be content in my backyard cabin.

  7. You have such great taste! I love those bunny hangups - look forward to see where you put them!

  8. Wow, that is one cool jar and what a bargin! Love the HLs. Nice blog. Snow days rule.

  9. Great finds! I love the collection on your mantel.


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