Monday, January 11, 2010

cohesive plate grouping

i received 5 sweet little plates that had been handpainted by a friend of mine as a gift back in 2008. it has taken until now for me to finally get them placed in our sweetwater bend log home.

i knew i wanted them grouped together but couldn't figure out how i wanted to present them as a group. i didn't just want to hang them each by themselves. i thought about a shadow box type configuration, but then i found these plate hanger discs at micheal's. maybe you all have seen them? you glue them to the back of the plate and it doesn't ruin the finish on the back of the friend's sig and date on the back of each plate will still be there when i remove the adhesive disc. this was an important thing to me.

so that is what i did ....i then looped wire ribbon through the metal hangers that are attached to adhesive disc. by doing this i had a cohesive grouping of the sweet lil plates. i like cohesiveness...makes things less knick knacky, i suppose.

a close-up of one of the plates. i think it's beautiful.

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  1. Very nice grouping. I love your blue and white dishes and glasses! So wintery!

    I came over from "Once Upon a Plate". I will be back to visit again!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  2. These are the sweetest little plates! What a lovely handmade gift. I like your display too!


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