Sunday, January 3, 2010

the nude sink

quick! take a look at this gosh awful nude/buff colored sink......

have you ever seen such a hidious color for a kitchen sink? well i hadn't. but we lived with it for a year......imagine that, for someone that has so little patience in regards to priority reno projects. no matter how much me or human backhoe scrubbed on never ever looked clean. now wave bye-bye to it as it is headed to the habitat for humanity restore store bright and early in the morn.

and tadah!!!!'s our new baby.....(you might wanna protect your eyes from the gleaming white surface)....:)

it is a brand new huge cast iron kohler drop-in sink that we bought from craigslist for $70 last july. i really wanted a true farmhouse apron sink, but for the price of this one, ol' hb and i couldn't pass it up. this sink is huge and it makes for very easy washing of larger items.

we then added the gorgeous moen lancaster pull-down faucet in the mediterranean bronze finish...and there went any savings that we had incurred with the sink.....sorry hb.

well we still have a lot to do in our little log home kitchen as we renovate as time and moolah allows, including the more than temporary laminate counter tops you can see in the pic.

here's a running total on what has been completed on our kitchen by my dear h.b.:
-new sink installation
-new double drawer dishwasher installation
-new french door refridgerator and installation of new water line to it.

and here's a running total of what still needs to be completed:
-oh'll all get done, won't it hb?.....:)

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  1. I love your new sink! I would love to find one for my own kitchen.

    Spotsylvania, Virginia

  2. It's just lovely !
    I would like to exchange mine with an old farmhouse sink or one of the newer farmhouse sinks, but it would take a lot of pursuading The First Sergeant ;)
    Love your home !!

  3. Looks good DJ and I know it would look good at my kitchen window cause your kitchen window looks exactly like mine!

  4. suzanne...thanks i love it too...i am sure kohler still makes this sink.

    brit....thank you ....i love your home tou......

    rural.....that is too funny that we have the same kitchen window...i have a feeling i would feel like i was at home at your house, especially if i was to do the dishes...hehehe.



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