Thursday, January 7, 2010

blue and white snow day

today was a snow day for the boys. the first of the year for our district. the boys and i love snow days. we had a blast making cookies, ice skating, and cross country skiing. to make our day a tiny bit special, we got out my grandmother's currier and ive's china to enjoy our cookies on. the currier and ive's tumblers were a gift from the human backhoe from when we first met. i love them. they can be hard to find tho. i think it is important to use the special things in our home every so often. there is no reason for it to just be stored away.....for some day.

we baked the cookies using the classic tollhouse recipe....we added nestle chocolate chunks and chopped walnuts and a whole cup of buttah.......mmmmm mmmmm.

my 17 year old, cole, took the initiative to head down to the lake to clear an ice rink for us....thank you.

thanks guys for a fun lil' snow day. bummer for me tho....i am sure you will have school tomorrow.....:(


  1. DJ those dishes bring back such memories for me. Julie, Dog Trot Farm blog, had them for her table setting for Turkey Day I think. And now I see you have them. When I was 10 or so, 48 years ago those are the dishes we used. They were probably reproductions? I need to do a search. They are very nostalgic. The cookies look awesome!! I could kick myself for the things of my mothers that I let go cause I was young and foolish and didn't know to hang onto them. Dang. Of course we would have moved them 4011 times by now :) Snow days are nice memories and you know your boys will remember them!

  2. Oh my those cookies look so tastey!
    We may get a little snow here in NC tonight.....everything shuts down when we get snow!
    Yes all the black is part of the insert (we got it at a little flea market for $150.00) My husband said to tell you he made it all in the back yard.....LOL!!!
    Go back to one of my older post (4 or 5 Back) "Fireplace Transformation" and you can see what we started with.
    Thanks for your sweet comments!

  3. rural...i'll bet that those were the real thing....i added pieces to my collection from artichoke annies antique place at the millersburg exit along i-70 just east of columbia. if you are ever up that way you might check it out. kinda expensive antiques because the place had been featured in country home mag a few yrs ago. btw....i miss that mag as it is no longer published. there are a few things i wish i had too from the past.....oh wells.....

    beth....i checked out your fireplace it! of course, your hubby made it.....wink wink. we will keep your redo in mind for sure...or at least i will....:)

    beth...i was hoping

  4. We had lots of snow here in southwest Ohio today too. I had a wonderful snow day myself, but I tucked in with books and magazines, a pot of chili on the stove and a mug of spiced tea. When my daughter was little (she's now 35) we used to bake cookies and play outside on snow days too. I have my mom's Currier and Ives dishes. Love them! Need to find some glasses though. Those are so pretty!

  5. It sounds like you had a perfect day with your boys! The cookies on the special serving pieces made it extra special and looks mighty pretty!

  6. I have those same dishes. I use them as my everyday dishes. My MIL gave me a few from her set when we first got married and I have picked up pieces over the years to complete my set. I started out buying pieces for pennies and now a saucer is $5.00! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.


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