Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No, not a Dora lamp

I have been searching and searching for a modern version of an antler lamp for weeks to finish off our foyer table. But I knew if I just held off long enough I could flea/gw something.......

Eventually......ummm, like today! .... I did........

No, not the Dora lamp, it is for my sweet Courtney, granddaughter, who is so in love with her now.

And there's that rather ugly antler lamp laying on the right. Pic taken with them in the back of the truck just after I had bought them. Don't mind the mud.

Both lamps combined, less than $5.....can you say ....yeah!!!!!!

After a bit of spray paint, and adding one of the shades from my personal private basement collection, this is how the lamp looked......

Love it. Total cost out of pocket.....2.49.

Also found these cool glass candle holders. Human backhoe...aka, hubby....think they look like a phallic!...whatevah!

My ultimate weakness is always silver's a few more for my collection.....:)

The backdrop in the foyer is our recently stenciled walls. Love this gray/blue paint color. It's Martha Stewart eggshell in Opal from home depot. This is my favorite color at this moment in time.

Here's the new look elevated on an old pepsi crate, that was already painted black when I found it.

Sweet simple foyer for our sweetwater cottage log home.


  1. You're blogging again? For real? Hoooray!!!
    Love the antler lamp and the deer head for your log cottage. Perfect fit!
    And I think I agree with HBH about the candle sticks. But it's not a bad thing. ;)

  2. are you!!!!!

    You always notice when I'm back. Lol

    Good to hear from you.

    Hope to keep it up a bit better......hubby really enjoys my blogging more than anyone. Really do it mostly for him and our family.

    I make no promises, but I'm gonna try. I'll be over to your blog to visit soon.

    The more I look at those glass thingie-ma-bobbers , the more I tend to agree you and hbh......:)

    Take care.


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