Sunday, March 27, 2011

kitchen decor compromise

We are soon to start really renovating our little log cottage kitchen. I love how the pioneer woman used one these to place in her kitchen redo a few years ago. These were also used in a hgtv dream home giveaway a few years ago. They are hand carved wood and available through

They are priced at $395. Not really too bad, but we have a lot of cash already committed to our little redo. Then I found this acrylic resin molded baby.....

$49 from A bit of a compromise, but should work for the overall feel of the planned kitchen. He will have a special place above the cooktop on the cabinetry mounted hood.

Here's an idea of how our kitchen hood will look, although we have hand-made pine cabinets. Our cabinets were built by my son's shop teacher at our high school. Actually our whole log cottage was built by him 20 years ago.

While checking out the deer head, found these adorable chocolate colored salad plates on sale for $1.99 each. Love the chocolate colored bunny plate, so I ordered 10.....:), as you can order individually and not as a set.

Soooooo ready to move on to our all out kitchen assault, now that the loft is done.

Tomorrow.....road trip to Stl to visit THE girls. Hoping to stop at a couple Homegoods to shop for new lamps in the entry foyer.

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  1. When we moved here, we had to stay with our son and daughter-in-law for a couple of months before we moved into our home. He had a "real" deer head hanging in the room we were sleeping in and I made him take it down. He's always teased us about sleeping with "Freddie"! Hope your move into the new home is going real well!


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