Saturday, September 18, 2010

forty on friday

friday garage sale finds...

......apparently this is from a hot dog stand-type place that is no longer in business locally. their specialty? dogs topped with salsa. thanks. i think.

couple xmas things...

for daisy....our vintage '65 shasta camper restore
....vintage ice cream patio lights. my favorite find of all.

amt. spent for a morning of shopping.....amazingly,$40 for everything..... sooooo happy bout that.

fun with fellow garage salers.....priceless.

job offer from fellow garage saler.....may lead to a second career. lots to think about.


  1. Good morning, DJ. Wow! You made out like a bandit. $40 for all those treasures?! I just love everything you snagged up. And those ice cream cone lights - adorable! Perfect for your vintage camper.

  2. Seriously? Ice cream lights?!?! Too, too cute!

  3. Those are great finds!! All for $40? That is great! Have a great week.



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